Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goals : Short vs. Long

Today, I was reflecting on how I was carrying out my daily life. I was wondering why the social aspect of senior year did not particularly appeal to me, and then, as I was quietly sipping my coffee trying to stay awake it hit me.
Social life is an aspect of life that asks you to stay in the moment, to enjoy the relationships you have now, so that you may hold hopefully good memories of them. However, this aspect of duration is only short term. I felt that this short term goal jeopardized my long term goals, that of success and a good life. I have nothing against social life, as I feel that humans are social creatures, needing the bonds that come with friendship and love. But that was not my goal in life for the moment.
As a general rule, I think we may consider the following : When young, focus on the long term goals, but as you progress in life, hopefully accumulating experience, success and memories, you can start to focus on shorter and shorter goals. Indeed, the time from now till your death gets shorter as you get older, and slowly, you live the responsability of long term goals to your descendants, and focus on the now.
Ideally, you may want to juggle short term and long term goals, juggle social life and success, but that is not within most people's capacity. Focus on one, maybe at the detriment of the other.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birth of A new Notebook

Well, here it is, my first ever blog. Blogs are wonderful tools. Instead of locking your thoughts inside a small notebook that will be discarded in a dusty old shelf, you get the joy of sharing the few nuggets of truth that you many hold to others, how few they may be.